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Thursday, September 4th, 2003
10:26 am

Calling All Activists!

Please lend your voice to the campaign against KFC’s cruelty by participating in PETA’s Worldwide Week of Action against KFC, from September 27 to October 5, which is scheduled to include World Farmed-Animals Day (October 2) and the memorial day of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals (October 4).

World Farmed-Animals Day began in 1983, to expose, memorialize, and help prevent the suffering of billions of innocent animals on factory farms and in slaughterhouses. The date marks the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, who was an advocate of animal rights as well as human rights.

Every year, on World Farmed-Animals Day, as well as the weekends that precede and follow it, compassionate people all over the world gather to protest the suffering of billions of farmed animals. This year, PETA is calling on activists to organize a leafleting or demonstration at your local KFC because it is the number one buyer of chicken corpses on the planet [http://www.kfccruelty.com/animals.html]. Whether it’s one person or 100, each and every event that takes place on this day will send the message loud and clear to KFC: “We won’t tolerate your abuse!” Won’t you join us?

It’s easy. Just click here [http://www.kfccruelty.com/wycd1.html] for all the information and advice you need to plan or participate in a protest at a KFC near you. We will be happy to supply free leaflets, sample news releases, a list of other activists in your area, and media lists for your big—or small—event. And please be sure to register as a demo organizer by filling in this form [http://www.kfccruelty.com/demo2form.html] so we know where you are and what great things you are doing!

It can be as simple as having one person distribute leaflets for half an hour in front of the local KFC or as involved as having dozens of people with costumes, bullhorns, street theater, video, and more. One idea that has attracted a lot of attention so far is to have a person dressed in a chicken costume hobble on crutches back and forth across the street in front of a KFC to represent the fact that so many chickens in factory farms end up with broken legs. You can rent a costume cheaply at your local costume shop!

C’mon, get out there and let KFC know that we will not rest in our efforts until it agrees to adopt some basic, minimal animal welfare standards for the chickens tortured and killed for its restaurants.

Millions of chickens need your voice—please don’t let them down. Click here for even more ways that you can show KFC that cruelty isn’t cool [http://www.kfccruelty.com/wycd.html].

All of us at PETA can’t wait to hear how your Day of Action against KFC went. Please keep us posted!

Please e-mail me at SeanD@peta.org with demo updates, photos, and any questions. You might even see your photos our Web site! Click here [http://www.kfccruelty.com/photos.html] to see photos from other activists’ demonstrations.

For Animal Liberation,


-please include all correspondence in your response-

Sean Diener

Activist Liaison

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

757-622-7382 ext 1580

206-696-4077 (Mobile)
Thursday, March 27th, 2003
2:12 am
if someone comes in here begging for codes or something like that, let me know so that I may ban them and disable anonymous posting.

X your community owner X
Wednesday, March 26th, 2003
10:34 pm
On the 23rd....
Today we had yet another go-round with the local fried-chicken outlet....it's strange, because the faces change but the incompetence stays the same. For ten years, it's always something.

Anyway...in the past, we've had the Feather Still on the Chicken (nicely fried, but still attached) visit; the We Dropped Your Order so Wait Twenty More Minutes visit ( a classic, this one, repeats every few months); the We Got Your Order Wrong--Oops, we'll fix it--STILL WRONG visit; and Friday:

We ordered a meal (that means chicken, potatoes, coleslaw, biscuit) and some wings to go. (Granted, this was just before closing, we came in maybe 30 minutes before 10 p.m.) We paid and awaited the order. After a couple minutes we heard a resounding crash from the back. Yep, you guessed it--they dropped the wings, we had to wait 10 more minutes. In partial compensation they offered to make my meal out of two breast pieces rather than a breast & a wing. We accepted and loitered for 10 more minutes, took the manager's apologies and the boxes and left.

When we got home, Jeff had wings...and I had two pieces of chicken. No biscuit, no potatoes, no coleslaw (all of which we'd paid for, naturlich), just chicken. And of course by now it's past closing time.

Saturday we go in and complain; the manager (same one, Zack, sandy blonde with lovely blue eyes) offers a coupon for a free meal, his abject apologies and some general store coupons. We accept.

Today we went in to cash in the voucher for the free meal and Jeff wants wings again. First, the cashier has to call Zack out of wherever he's hiding to authenticate the voucher. Right. Rung up and done. Next, Jeff's wings. He writes a check for $11.85....and the cashier chick glances at the check, doesn't see the top loop on the first '8' in the first amount listing, and promptly stamps VOID on it *before* she says anything to Jeff. Naturally, we now have to hale Zack out here again.

By now he's got to be sick of the sight of us, but he bravely wades in, runs the check thingy (you know, the automated whatzit), apologizes AGAIN, and sends us on our way.

Oh, and they got the order right this time.

Current Mood: quixotic
Sunday, March 23rd, 2003
3:26 am
does no one have ANYTHING to say?
Tuesday, March 18th, 2003
1:44 pm

let all tell frank our most horrible happening at a fastfood place!
Sunday, March 16th, 2003
2:55 am
well this community sucks, so, if anyone wants to try and promote it in anyway. please help us out. we need people who work in fast-food, or have horror stories to tell.
Thursday, February 27th, 2003
5:26 pm
5:24 pm

As reported by the Newport News, Virginia Daily Press on November 30, here's the gist of it:

Katharine Ortega bought a box of fried chicken wings at a local McDonald's restaurant and took it home to her family. While serving her children, she noticed that one of the pieces looked odd. Examining it closely, she saw it had eyes and a beak. She screamed. It wasn't a wing ; it was a fried and battered chicken head, and fully intact.

Now it sounds fishy causing people to question it. The story has earned national headlines across the U.S. – even finding its way into the august Washington Post.

Further into this account there is more to question. Why did Ortega go straight to a local TV station with her find, while she refused the owner of the restaurant to examine it? How did a chicken head find its way into a shipment of wings in the first place? "I've never heard of anything like it," a U.S.D.A. officer admitted to the Daily Press. But he was also quick to say he's not disputing Ortega's claims.

From a processing standpoint, there are two reasons why the incident is unlikely. One, the very first step of the process – even before de-feathering – is the beheading. And the heads are discarded. Two, the presence of unwanted parts ought to have been detected during either of two later steps: evisceration (organ removal. Lungs, heart, stomach etc.), which requires the participation of a human operator, or the bird-by-bird inspection conducted by an on-site U.S.D.A. employee.

One obvious explanation is pranksterism, a possibility investigators have so far neither accept nor reject.
Friday, February 21st, 2003
10:42 pm
Hmmm, hello community...
Well, hello. Hopefully people will join this place soon.
Anyway, one time I got fries (when they used to be tastier with the fat in them) from McDonald's and there was a big fingernail (with red nail polish) in them. That was very nauseating. I didn't take it back though. Someone might've been fired. Like I really cared about that, but oh well.
Then when they had those 29 cent hamburgers, my whole family and I got sick on eating those one night. Bad sauce or something. Leave it to McDonald's, you know. And I still eat there. [shrug]
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